A History of Progress & Support

From its very inception College has enjoyed and demonstrated an enduring legacy of mutually beneficial giving and support.  As College has strived to provide the very best opportunities for the generations of boys that have entered the historic facilities, so too have old boys, families, communities, and organisations generously supported the many different projects and enhancements that have made College what it is today.

1850 – 1900

1851 Mrs Maria Somes becomes Colleges first benefactress resulting in the Somes Scholarships.
1857 The first school building comprising a schoolroom, a dormitory and a Sub Wardens House was built. The cost of £2,000 comprised a loan of £500 from the Bishop of NZ and the balance being obtained from donations including some from England and the Somes Estate.
1860 Second Master’s House built.
1863 Big School built following a grant of £1,000 from the Canterbury Provincial Council. It was designed by James Edward FitzGerald, Canterbury’s Superintendent and Fellow of the College.
1866-67 Bishop Henry John Chitty Harper announces that he had raised £500 in England of the £708 needed to build a Chapel. It was completed in 1867.
1868 The Headmaster’s house was rebuilt with insurance money, following the fire.
1871 Tin classrooms built to house the library and provide three additional classrooms.
1873 Synod Hall, Library and Lecture Room built. They were designed by Dr Alfred Charles Barker. The Provincial Government granted £1,700 to help with the build because they were to be used by the Canterbury Collegiate union.
1878 New Boarding House (Condell’s now Selwyn) built for £1,800.
1877 Chaplain’s House built for £1360.
1878-84 Promises of £700 were made to the Headmaster Charles Carteret Corfe who initiated a drive to extend the Chapel. In 1883 Architect Benjamin Woolfield Mountfort’s plan was accepted and the transepts and sanctuary were completed in March 1884.
1882 Principal’s house built for the Upper or Collegiate Department for £1,111.
1885 College was bequeathed the Principal’s House following the departure of the Upper Department (later College House) to Cashel Street.
1886 New classrooms are built for £2,936. Later to become Harper House and Julius House.
1886-88 An Organ chamber was added, paid for by a bequest from one of the Schools first Fellows W.J.W. Hamilton.
1886-94 Old Boys initiated an appeal in 1886 to purchase a new organ but progress was slow and it wasn’t until 1894 that with the sourcing of some private loans it was finally bought for £457.
1886 New gymnasium replaces earlier one which has become too small.
1888 Headmaster Corfe promoted the building of a new swimming pool and successfully raises well over half of the cost of £620 by soliciting “subscriptions”.


1900 – 1925

1904 Joint Board and Old Boys committee formed to launch appeal to build new buildings including a Gateway and Porter’s Lodge, classrooms, Hall, Board Room and offices at a cost of £16,950 and two new Boarding houses (£14,000) to be completed in time for the 50 year anniversary of the move to the new site in 1857.
1909 A disappointing fundraiser leaves the original build plan substantially compromised. Eventually just one new boarding house (School House) is built.
1911 The Robert H Rhodes endowment allows the school pool to be improved.
1916 The Hare Memorial Library opened, substantially paid for by Old Boy subscriptions.
1918 Flower’s House opened.
1919-21 New Laboratories to the west of the Hare Memorial Library built.
1925 Old Boys raise £23,000 of the £27,500 required to build The Memorial Dining Hall designed by the architect Cecil Wood.


1926 – 1950 

1930 Open air classrooms built.
1939 Old Boy Thomas Chapman donates the full cost of three new Fives courts and a Squash Court.
1946-50 A number of bequests provided a new Chapel Organ, funds to support parents who had served in the war, and one from Frederick George Brittan, known as “the last of the pilgrims”.
1946-48 The Christ’s College Old Boys’ Association raises the full amount to build the Memorial Gateway.
1950 Additional open air classrooms added.


1951 - 1975 

1955-57 The Chapel is extended.In a contested decision the Gateway funds are transferred to the new Chapel extensions. Old Boys contribute all new pews made by disabled servicemen.
1957 Old Boys create an Endowment Fund.
1962 The Chapman Block is opened (Architect: Miles Warren)
1962-67 A Fundraising Committee comprising, Board, Staff, Old Boys and Friends of the school raise over £150,000 towards building the new Assembly Hall completed in 1967.
1971 Library renovated and upgraded largely funded by the H.B. Williams Trust and the C.H. Ballantyne Memorial Fund.


1976 - 2000 

1977-78 The Tothill Science Block, Williams Court and Gymnasium complex is opened with a considerable portion being funded by Old Boy and “Friends of the School” loans.
1983 Rolleston House that had been purchased in 1975 becomes a day boy house.
1985-86 The balconies of the Open Air classrooms were closed in and other areas repositioned so that in all 15 classrooms were modernised at a cost of $370,000.
1988 The new Administration Block completed at a cost of just over $1m being the last chapter in the Memorial Gateway scheme. CS Thomas, who had withdrawn his donation when the Memorial Gateway project was replaced by the Chapel extensions in 1988, paid for some of the cost of facing the Administration Building in stone.
1990 The Library extensions were completed at a cost of just under $1m, tripling the library space.
1993 The boarding house dormitories were converted to contain study cubicles costing $462,000.
1993-94 The old swimming pool was replaced by a new one at a cost of $1.5m with $40,000 of the funds being provided by the results of a major School Fair held previously in 1990 and $10,000 from the C.C.O.B.A.
1995 The Dining Hall kitchens were refurbished at an estimated cost of $500,000.
1999 Chaplain’s house refurbished as Somes House


2001 - 2015

2000 Condell’s and Corfe houses built. The Old Boys Theatre is completed substantially assisted by Old Boy support. Richards House was altered as a result.
2001 College initiates Development office with Derek Banks as Manager.
2005 College purchases Cranmer site, formally the home of Christchurch Girls High. Rebuilt Flowers House officially opened on 25th October
2011-16 College repairs itself following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 & 2011. Cost covered by $65 million of insurance funds and $15 million of existing capital to build new Miles Warren Building.
2014 College employs a new Director of Development with a single focus to implement a major fundraising campaign. The campaign (considered transformational by the Board) is targeted with raising substantial funds to support a new vision for College including additional targeted scholarships, new professional staff development and curriculum initiatives, as well as major new facilities around sport, science and music. The Campaign is called For the boys. For our future.