For the boys

Since 1850, Christ's College has prepared generation after generation of young men for success in an ever-changing world. 

What we do now is key to how our young men emerge, not only with enduring values, but minds that are curious, passionate and inspired, ready for a world of exponential learning.

For our future

As New Zealand and the world seek inspirational leaders of the future, it places Christ's College at the beginning of a new era which demands a bold vision.

This vision is inspired by the educational reality that to be recognised internationally as New Zealand's leading school for boys, and to inspire those boys to make an impact, we need to be more innovative than ever before.

“Externally and internally, this is a new era for Christ’s College, as the school looks towards its future. A clear pathway of learning emerges, where innovation and excellence are wrapped in tradition.”

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal
Boys enjoying the first day of College 2018

A new era
A bold future

Exceptional is what exceptional continues to achieve. To be the best we can be is a restless quest. Over the past year, the board and the senior leadership team have been consulting with stakeholders, inviting input on our future.

This is a new era, they told us. Be bold.

Our Cause
Garth Wynne

Executive Principal

Carols on the Quad 2017

Creating the future
The time is now

From its humble beginnings, there were high expectations. College always intended to be exceptional; a school that would shape the futures of young men, and through them, shape the future of society, so making the world a better place. 

College continues to further advance this expectation, driven by a community who believe in the value of what the school does. Equally the community accepts to be independent is to be self-sustaining, the reward of which will be an even stronger school that continues to move forward. 

Now is the time to embark on "a new era with a bold vision" for the next step in College's journey. 

How to give
Garth Gallaway

Student 1977-81, Current Parent Campaign Chairman